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will prove to be Lucifer's end-times identification, surveillance, and control system. " But Terry Cook has his suspicions, and he has also taken note of the "LUCID/LUCIS/LUCIFER connection."(2)"According to Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary," Cook writes, the word lucid means "suffused with light; luminous; translucent..." This, he suggests, gives us a definite clue that Lucifer may be lurking behind the scenes.(3)The Bible cautions that Satan, or Lucifer, does, indeed, often come cloaked innocuously and deceptively as an emissary of goodness and righteousness. Jean-Paul Creusat, are members of the Lucis Trust, or of one of its several subsidiary organizations. Halaris, who serves as president of the firm, lists his address as New Rochelle, New York. As I mentioned, the Lucis Trust is also accredited as a NGO of the United Nations. But the skeptics and cynics are, regrettably, abominably ignorant. Even Stine, an optimist who believes that man will not allow the abuse of these capabilities, nevertheless warns: It also contains the seeds of unimaginable evil: the actual control of human minds by other humans. But the actual control of the human mind.(8)Isolated news reports about government research into biochips bring evidence of a frightening future for mankind once the implanting of these devilish devices is initiated on a mass scale.I also imparted to them knowledge of military strategy and tactics and introduced them to a wide range of new, Star Wars-era aircraft and armaments. He loved Jesus Christ and was willing to follow the Truth, even to the death. It will put mankind under direct subjection to the Antichrist and his jackbooted, Gestapo-thug storm troopers. This cardinal development in human control signals the rapid, breathtaking emergence of the end-times Beast. D.-facts which, admittedly, are both alarming and stupefying-though absolutely true? The project to control the people of the wor Id through universal computer identification and tracking systems first began in the twisted minds of high-level, New Wor Id Order planners of America's super-secretive National Security Agency (NSA). Army security personnel at Fort Meade, Maryland, is housed in the second largest bui Iding in the United States, surpassed only by the Pentagon in Washington, D. This huge, behemoth of a facility, appropriately enough, has been called the "Puzzle Palace."The mission of the NSA, broad and all-encompassing, involves war planning, security investigation, classified materials control, and management of America's far-flung spy and intelligence network. Could not such a biochip, popped into or injected into their brain, instantly produce servile multitudes of people eager and willing to worship the image of the Beast and do his bidding, even to the extent of going out and killing all born again Christians? Glenn Krawczyk, for example, in an article in Nexus magazine entitled, "Mind Control and The New World Order," provides documented evidence of mind control, biomedical devices implanted in human beings. Larry Bates' excellent publication, Monetary and Economic Review, carried an article which appropriately describes our current predicament as free citizens about to be stripped of our liberties and dignity.The Beast 666 Universal Human Control System has been designed and is being implemented in America and throughout the world. Now it's here, and soon, there will be no place left to hide. is fully operational, every man, woman, and child will fall under the power of its hideous, cyberelectronic grasp. Our telephone conversations will be automatically wiretapped and transcripted by the National Security Agency, then digitally sent on their way via the Information Superhighway, each being sequentially stored and accessible on the L. This, then, is a prophecy which reveals to us the incredible scope and dominion of the Beast. the chilling Beast 666 Universal Human Control System which, according to the Bible, is destined to "devour" the whole world and break it into pieces (Daniel 7:7)? Remember, this does not come from some "wild-eyed conspiracy theorist,' as the controlled media are prone to describe it. I recall driving each day past the huge and monstrously solemn building at Lackland Air Force Base where young warriors train in the latest cryptographic equipment and techniques. net claim their system is only proposed, that it is not in operation at this time. The powers who rule over us are already implementing many aspects of this draconian, computerized control system. Dominic Corvey and Neil Mc Alister sound words of caution: "If we fail to fear the computer's ability to become a latter-day Baal who demands our sacrifices on the altar of technology,' they warn, "then we may, unresistingly, become first its worshippers, and finally its sacrifices."(3)Please, I beg you, read Project L. They fear the awful truth; therefore, they avoid it and cast it from their minds and consciousness. He observes that, "The word LUCID is notably close to LUCIS, or LUCIFER."Terry Cook, another researcher aware of the plan for L. "At the checkout stand at a supermarket, you would simply pass your hand over a scanner and your bank account would automatically be debited."(19) How fascinating it is for us to realize that Willard's visionary, future use of the implantable biochip would perfectly fulfill Bible prophecy.

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That is the thoroughly documented message-and momentous warning-sounded in this book. Never in human history has there been such a fantastic plot to handcuff and wrap modern men and women inside electronic, cyber-locked cages. Stationed in Germany, I was the commander of hundreds of technicians and specialists who traveled throughout Europe and the Middle East, establishing classified communications links and transmitting cryptologically encoded messages back and forth on secure lines. My prayer is that, as you read and study the pages that follow, you will take to heart his inspiring and uplifting words. The Beast intends to be rid of such dynamic "enemies of the state" as Christian separatists, patriots, and nationalists. I believe that the insider information we have obtained is tremendously important, unbelievably vital, and earthshaking. There seems to be no end of the "Frankenstein-type" uses to which the biochip can be applied.Moreover, these systems are so diabolically masterful that only Satan himself cou Id originally have conceived them. Without it, no transactions of any kind will be permitted; there will be no income, no food, no shelter. George Orwell, in 2984, his classic novel of Big Brother and a coming, totalitarian state, observed that very few people are awake and alert to the machinations and manipulations of the controllers.Note and beware the key word, "Criminal;' which the letter "C" in L. Once in place universally, Satan's system of total electronic enslavement will have been imposed upon all the citizens of the New World Order. Thus, the people, as a whole, fall victim to a colossal conspiracy out of ignorance and because of apathy and denial of reality: The people could be made to accept the most flagrant violations of reality, because they never fully grasped the enormity of what was demanded of them, and were not sufficiently interested in public events to notice what was happening.(26)How thrilling and lifesaving is Bible prophecy!DARPA has also been the sugar daddy for the fabled Star Wars missile defense systems development. Ultimately, this identification, tracking, and monitoring of innocent, yet despised, Christian victims will result in the incarceration and death of unto Id masses. In this soon-coming CASHLESS ELECTRONIC DEBIT system, no one will be able to BUY OR SELL anything, anywhere without the New World Order global biochip "MARK" in their right hands or foreheads (the mark of the Beast).

However, unbeknown even to our ignorant and deceived U. Senators and Representatives, along with its defense projects, the men who plot behind the massive, locked doors of the NSA's Puzzle Palace have also spent as much as 0 billion dollars, spread over the past quarter of a century, to create systems of human control. If, however, you do not fit into the category of a biblical Christian or a patriotic resister to the New World Order, do not think you will escape the all seeing eye of Big Brother's Project L. The biochip will be the agency by which all financial transactions are registered. net presents mankind with a "Do or Die" predicament.

First, it mandates that every adult and child-even newborn babies-be issued a universal biometrics I. Data about your daily habits and movements will flow into the Beast system from spy satellites, constantly circling overhead, watching us all like the squinting eyes of a giant, soaring eagle, ready to pounce and consume its hapless victims. This they will do even though the Beast is given "a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies." This bold, but evil, man will even dare to open his mouth in blasphemy against God, "to blaspheme his name, and his tabernacle, and them that dwell in heaven" (Revelation 13:5-6). : In studying prophecy, we discover that, to cement and strengthen his authority over the lives and fortunes of men and women, the Beast will, in that savage time of brutality and awesome, Big Brother dictatorship, organize the financial systems and commerce of the whole world (Revelation 18). is fully in operation, they add, it will help solve all those terrible crises the press keeps telling you about. " Might we, unless we resist, "become first its worshippers, and finally its sacrifices? Unlike Christians who know their Bible, men such as Tim Willard and other influential members of the pro-globalist, New Age-oriented World Future Society, appear overly confident in man's ability to control government.

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